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Why We Work

A picture is worth 1,000 words

A video is worth 1.8 Million words

Mobile Video Content

People bring their screens everywhere. Whether you are a prospective donor opening an email or a patient following your favorite charity’s activities through their Facebook, accessing a video quickly and easily is essential.

Staying Socially Connected

A social media strategy for a business or nonprofit is a must-have, and for good reason. It has never been easier to have meaningful, global engagement with our peers and patrons. Through social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, we have proven strategies that can help supplement your messaging efforts.

Increases in Donations

Sure, we all know Facebook and Twitter strategies are essential for any “for-profit company,” but what about nonprofits? Did you know Facebook is the #1 affiliate link for nonprofit donations? The takeaway: Engaging media, shared socially, will increase your bottom line.

We See Results




Website Traffic



The Challenge

Nonprofits need to gain exposure and funds from more donors to fulfill their missions. Today, media campaigns including video, websites, emails, and social media are necessities for commercial businesses and nonprofits alike.

Rich social media and video content are essential for nonprofits. Facebook is the top referring website for fundraising efforts in the U.S. YouTube currently reaches more young adults than any other cable TV network.

The challenge? Nonprofits, on average, can only afford to dedicate 1/4 of an employee to social media, or less than two hours a week.


Wounded Warrior USA has seen a 25% increase in donations

Bill Miller

Founder, Wounded Warrior USA

The Mountain Time Media Solution

We believe in using the power of media and film for good. Since 2005, our goal has always been to report compelling stories to share with the world.

Journalistic integrity is our foundation.

No gimmicks: your mission, vision, and purpose told in your words

Not everyone has a $100K media budget, but everyone needs a compelling media campaign. We work with our clients and their budgets to find media solutions that work.