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Life, Liberty & Resilience

“Joe LaNier’s story is inspirational, patriotic and uplifting.”

“Life, Liberty, and Resilience is proof positive that an American of any color or background – given the kind of character, courage and tenacity that Joe displayed in and out of military uniform – can succeed and flourish.”

“I was deeply moved and motivated by the story.”


“Excellent film! Thank you for making it.”

“Every Coloradan should see this film.”

“As as the son of a former farmer and dairy owner, my heart goes out to them”


This is important for all Americans to see.”

“Incredibly moving, educational, and beautifully done!”

  “Captured this issue as perfectly as possible.”

 “Thank you for getting the reality out.”

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ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle With PTSD (Alternative Therapies)

A gripping, vivid account of incredible U.S. veterans dealing with the invisible trauma war leaves behind. ACRONYM profiles veterans from WWII through Iraq & Afghanistan and looks forward with hope via alternative therapies: fishing, surfing, gardening, music, equine and canine. Regardless of their prior military tours across the generations, many U.S. veterans living with PTSD share the same common enemy: the memories only war can bring. Vital to the film’s mission, ACRONYM looks forward with hope. (94 mins)

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In certain regions of the U.S. drought conditions of today have been compared to the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s. These personal stories from farmers and ranchers are told through the eyes of a dedicated group of individuals who choose to live and work in southeastern Colorado. The deep, personal desire to raise their families in small, rural communities – and their determination to make a living off the land – exemplifies the true American spirit. Emmy-award nominated in 2015. (45 mins)

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Life, Liberty & Resilience

The journey of an African-American U.S. Navy veteran and grandson of slave, who eventually makes it back to Iwo Jima – where he served in a segregated unit in WWII. From rural Mississippi to war to Colorado, Joe LaNier learns to face adversity with amazing resilience and a will to fight for life and liberty, despite the odds against him. Though segregated in life and war – with love and luck – he made it. Winner, audience choice, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, 2014. (45 mins)

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